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At Allied Healthcare Professionals, INC. we love making a difference in the lives of our patients. Their success is our success.

Selecting the right staff is the first step in the success of our patients. The personal and
professional growth and happiness of our staff is equally meaningful.

We are continuously recruiting for the following positions:

-Registered Nurse                        -Physical Therapist                          -Speech Therapist
-Licensed Vocation Nurse            -Physical Therapist Assistant          -Medical Social Worker
-Certified Home Health Aide        -Occupational Therapist                  -Registered Dietician

All California Licensed personnel must have the following credentials valid and up-to-date:

                                 -Professional License                                   -TB
                                 -Professional Liability Insurance                   -Physical
                                 -CPR                                                             -Automobile Insurance

                                 -Drivers License

Please call us today to join our team 805-496-2680

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