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1. What is the difference between medical and non-medical home care?
Allied Healthcare Professionals, INC. is a medical home health agency. We provide licensed nurses and therapist to provide intermit skilled treatment for a short period of time. Non-medical home care provides non-licensed caregivers for blocks of time or shift to provide companionship, care and other non-skilled duties.

2. Who qualifies for home health?
Any adult 18 years of age or older who is homebound and requires a licensed medical professional to provide a skill need intermittently.

3. How often are services provided and for how long?
Home health services are provided based on a plan of care created after your initial and on-going assessments, Medicare regulations and approved by your physician.

4. What does Homebound mean?
You are considered homebound if it is difficult for you to leave the home and you are in need of assistance of a person or device to leave the home or if it would worsen your medical condition.
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