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Eligibility Requirements: 
  • An adult over 18 years old with a skilled need with one or more of the following: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy.

  • Patient must be homebound.

  • Patient must only need intermitted medical care.

  • Patient/caregiver must be willing to cooperate and comply with home health services and be a willing participant with patients plan of care.

  • Patient must have Primary Medical Doctor (PMD) to oversee home health treatments and orders.

  • Patient must be compliant with Medicare Face to Face requirements:
    -must be homebound with taxing effort to leave the home.
    -must have a skilled need for service
    -must have a qualifying medical condition or diagnosis
    -must be seen by patients PMD for the condition/diagnosis above within 30 calendar days of home    health admission.

To get started:
  • A signed doctors order requesting home health services.

  • Patient demographics including:

    • Patients legal name​

    • DOB

    • Insurance name and ID number

    • Phone number

    • Address

Admission Process: 
  1. All information/documents above must be submitted to our office.

  2. Intake coordinator will verify Medicare and/or other insurance for payment. 

  3. Intake coordinator will make a call to patient or patients representative to confirm information and staff home health clinicians.

  4. Patient will receive a call from our field or office staff to set up initial "start of care" visit.

  5. Clinician will meet with patient/patients caregivers for first visit (start of care) where they will have patient sign Admission Agreement/Consent, complete a comprehensive assessment and go over home health services plan.

All home health orders are valid for 48 hours, unless a start date is specified.
Patients are to remain homebound at admission and throughout care to be eligible for home health, regardless of insurance.
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